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Developers get together; as often as possible, and discuss topics about coding and all that comes with it. These topics range from what we are reading, latest news, and comments about other podcasts we have listened to. Check it out at [](

Nerd Summit 2015 (New England Regional Developers) Sept 2015

APIs Writing and Testing. You can see more about it here Click on image to see the video.

Panel for "What is a CMS" and when to use it and when not to Sept 2015

A panel of 5 discuss when to not use a CMS and when to use a CMS. Click the image to see the video.

Intro to Laravel (a Symfony Component based framework) July 2015

I cover using Laravel to make a blog to show how "easy" it is to work in Laravel. They did not yet release audio/video for this :(. Click the image to see more.

Coming Soon going back as far as 2010!

Will be back soon with more info...