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Screenshot Diff tool to do page regression testing (POC)

This is a really cool tool to compare sites using a unix diff tool and screenshots provide by Phantom js. The tool can output the diff value so you could even set thresholds to what would cause a f

Charts in Drupal for Polymer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Working with http://www.chartjs.org/ I make a json endpoint for each report

JavaScript based Product Viewer

Some points that were fun, new, and challenging.Model, View, Controller mindet.Building the RESTful service/API firstTrying to follow a feature driven development plan.

DrupalCampCT 2012

I will go though the process of using Panels to build pages and take over node layouts. I will go over -Variants -Custom Layouts and Styles in code -Node Tem

DrupalCamp Western Mass 2013

Will be presenting on using a Virtual Machine for development work, why and how. Hands on look at setting one up and tips and tricks on the day to day use.

JavaScript, PHP, jQuery

Due to NDA reasons I had to remove links to the site ) -:. This is a Drupal site that is 80% custom code. I had to do a lot of tweaks to add new features. Most features had to do w

Active Living Research

Pretty big drupal build. Apache Solr for the first time and a migration from drupal 4.7 to 7! visit

Uconn Law

Tough migration d5 to d6. Tons of custom code. (nice code though!) that I had to migrate as well as data.

Full build of the site.

Full build of the site and design by a staff member. visit

Harvard Campus Services

Worked with a great team at Cantina to help build this drupal site. My responsibilities included typical drupal build work and some integration work with MS backend for getting search results via xml.

JavaScript Work

[Due to NDA issues I had to remove the URL and images]Huge push in the JS area. The drupal FAPI did not have enough speed in IE8 which the client required. The load time went from 20 se


A personal project to make a service that can help freelancers and small shops monitor their drupal websites. After starting the project it was brought to my attention that there is already a company

MIT School of Science

Full build of site. Panels, Custom Modules galore, Views, Feed imports via Oracle, XML, SOAP visit

American Repertory Theater

Assisted in building the Calendar and Feed importers. visit

The Burness Communications

Rebuild of some of the layouts, jquery and added new features like home page slideshow. visit

MIT Digitial Shingle

Lots of moving parts. Responsive focus. This is really BETA many updates on the way.

FieldEddy Insurance

Drupal Commerce and D7 lots of little custom tweaks.

Drupal Mailchimp Feed

I made a custom module to output a feed of events, news and blog items. This could have been done with views but wanted a bit more control. The "Related Stuff" video below will go over how it works.

The MIT Digital Shingle Project

Assisted on this project that took place at my shop a couple of years ago or so. I helped on the home page with the modal popups and switching back and forth as needed with the different video provide


Lots of migration from various databases into Drupal and CiviCRM. Full build of drupal site. visit

Correl Sense

http://www.real-user-monitoring.com/ some integration work into Salesforce and overall drupal support

Gaia University

Drupal build out with custom work on a registration form that was quite extensive. Also the main menu hover down work was custom. http://www.gaiauniversity.

Myers Info Sys

Built a version of the site not in use still. But it was a big Drupal build with Organic Groups, lots of access control and multi-medida. http://www.myersinfo

CT Land Conservation

Drupal CiviCRM full build out. http://www.ctconservation.org/


Original builder of the site. Lots of custom work on the search http://www.ophthalmicedge.org/ophthalmic-resources

Fuller Center

Lots migration work in CiviCRM. Drupal and Ubercart as well. Custom modules and additions to both Drupal and CiviCRM

Alumni Williams

Full build of the site. visit

Drupal Camp Site Build UMASS Amberst

Built out website. Fun! Presented on Views 102+ visit

Vermont Invasive

Lots of custom work to make the site fit the design. PHP, Drupal.  Organic groups was a big part of the site. http://www.vtinvasives.org/

Signature Sounds

Earlier build of a commerce site. The original site is no longer there. Fun project great company.


Drupal and Ubercart install while D7 was still new. https://fieldeddy.com/

Yale 2011 Drupal Camp Presentation

You have a new drupal site and are the drupal admin, what now? visit

Stop it Now

Great organization. We helped them move from a static site into Drupal. http://stopitnow.org

The Rosenberg Fund for Children

2 theme site the client can change as needed. First use of Panels on the home page. Great client to work with as we appreciated how quickly the turn around time was to get feedback.

Cradle Family

Original Build out. Lots of custom Ubercart work. The company is no longer online though

Civil Liberties and Public Policies

Original CiviCRM build and Drupal. http://clpp.hampshire.edu/ It has been updated since.

National Priorities Project

Full rebuild of Webobject site into PHP and Drupal. It has changed quite a lot since those days

National Priorities Project

First Drupal site. Migration from WebObject and Joomla mix into Drupal and CiviCRM.

Drupal Camp Yale 2010

Views 101 presentation visit

Behat PHP CLI Libary

Using Symfony Components and an existing Git PHP Wrapper library I put together a Behat CLI Wrapper. You can see the repo here and

My Blog

Ported from Rails (Rails is awesome too)

Behat Editor Interface

Graphical interface to making behat tests and storing reports. This is built in Drupal (soon a Laravel fork) and will allow a user to build tests in a GUI (graphical) editor. You can see

BehatEditor v2 coming along...

BehatEditor v2 is a Laravel/Angular interface into Behat / BDD test writing and reporting. With the help of the the library

BehatEditor and Stubbing on Behat tests

UI to add Issues to Github AND stub out tests for those issues to show passing or failing as you fix/build out the task related to the issue

Angular and Laravel UI to make Diffs of PDFs

UI so the user can upload PDFs and quick generate diff results of the PDF pages. This is page 1 or 2.

BehatEditor based in Angular.js

Should be out soon. Github repo it here The demo is

Angular.js Task and Quotes Manager

Not done yet but it has been a lot of fun to work with Angular. You can see a video here of the Proof of Concept app. demo

PHP, Machine Learning and Laravel

Using services like Microsoft Cognitive Services and AWS Machine Learning we can begin to make a PHP Drive, like we do with Databases, Queues etc, so we can swap out, as needed, and communicate to the