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QuickTips: SSH Config

As with all these quick tips, I'm trying to just show basic things that I don't want to assume. Everybody knows. This one is a nice one that I use a lot. When I have to SSH into a server, which I try not to do. Basically everybody has a config file. In there. I'll move him into it. So SSH Config. In this file, you can add if it's not there these type of this line, these lines, and you could have many of them. So for example, this is a host. I'm going to call quick tips. So I can call that server quick tips. That server has an IP, and that server has the username. Now I could even use a different key.

If it wasn't using my default public key. Honestly, you should never let your service be password logged in. They should all be key based for SSH and not password based. And then for example, if I had another host than just another server I could just do the same thing. So it's really that easy. Okay.

So here we have. Oops. Here we have the quick tip server and now let's go use this. This is where it's really helpful. Oops. Okay.

So now when I want to SSH into that server, I don't have to remember the IP or the name. I can just say SSH quick tips. And you'll see I'm in the SSH folder. That really doesn't matter. I could be in any folder. And if I do SSH tab, it will complete it. So if I just knew the server began with a Q I guess, tab over and it would finish the word for me, and then I could just press enter.

And now I'm in that server. It's really that simple. So that's just a nice little tip there for managing all your different servers and SSH getting into them quickly. Another cool thing is if you use table pro when you're setting up that or the other database tools you can actually use that word quick tip to connect to that server instead of using the ip of the server it's a nice little addition

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