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QuickTips: Snippets and the Alfred App

This next one is one of my favorites. Basically I use Alfred. For snippets. And other things I'll explain later, but this particular app. Which you load on your Mac and do a lot of things, including replace spotlight. But the main thing I use it for and I think I had to pay for this, but it's really nice is I'll show clipboard history some other time, but this is snippets.

Anytime I wanted. Have a shortcut to writing something. I'll make a snippet out of it. So let me show you in note one moment. So basically say I need to clear my DNS and my Mac because sometimes you just need to. I don't have to remember what that is. I just do a shortcut. Say, I want to remember how to mark dates in carbon.

 That's another shortcut. Now I could even make that date dynamic by just putting it in. To a date time and I'll show that in a moment. W whenever I start a a test and I have to import inertia, I never want to remember that now somebody sings. Yeah. Your editor can do. But.

It's you might switch editors or these are things that sometimes you don't want to do in your editor, because it's just like the DNS one. Here's another one where I sometimes use grep to take what was in my clipboard. And then grab it from the file system. Cause I'm looking for something. So say I was looking for the word.

App, now that's in my clipboard. And I say, grep. And we'll just put it in there. So it has a lot of nice features like that. Another one is if I want to put out the date. There's just so many. I do stand when I'm just trying to ignore a line of code because it doesn't need to be.

Marked out. So when making a snippet, you just go in here and you add one, you give it a name. You give it a keyword, which is what you saw there. I've already done that one.

And then you can do all these things where you can take stuff from your clipboard, a clipboard You can do date times you could do. I don't even know what this one is in random stuff. For whatever reason. And then cursor positions. Interesting. Cause you can say hello. And then.

But when you ha when you snip it out, you want to say put the cursor here. So then the curse was right there. And so if we were to run that

It just does that. So again, really handy way to just be productive or more just to get stuff done more quickly. So that's it for that one. It is one of my favorites. I use it every day. I thought that even had history here, one of the apps where they show you how much time you save, which was cool.