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Quick Tips: Pomodoro and your daily workflow

Enjoy the video that talks about how to use this technique to get work done but still keep up with day to day communications and the less fun stuff 🙂

Welcome to Quick Tips to help you in your day-to-day developer experience. Okay, this one, again, some of these won't be techy. This is just a workday, how to deal with your workday, how to be efficient. And to me, this is one of the most crucial, uh, things that make my day successful is to do Pomodoro where I focus for a certain amount of minutes.

For me, it's 45 minutes, and then when that timers up, I have 15 minutes, for example, to then go do things like answer my chat, uh, slack and emails and whatever. Turning off notifications is key to really having a good productive day. There is a way on the Mac and to turn off notifications and it will hit all your devices, which is super helpful.

You then spend your day going through these cycles and getting work done. not worrying about losing flow, no pun intended, but the flow of like, Hey, I've been working and focusing three hours, because when you do that, you can get down a rabbit hole. In this case, you're pulled out, you have time to check in with everybody, and sometimes just check in with yourself to see if you're really working on the right thing.

Pomodoro using an app like Flow, honestly anything. They have so many cheap,free and, and minor expensive apps to just help you schedule your day.

Hope you enjoyed that Quick tip more coming in the future.