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OpenAI and Laravel to code less

Part of the thing I was trying to show earlier is that you can ask in the playground general questions that then it could produce results for that. Typically you would have to query a database. And then figure out all the time slots in the suitcase, someone motor haircut who's on duty.

What days off to people have? What day is it? With times in a 30 minute slot. So in this case, instead of having an interface that would ask someone to ask all this, or instead of coding a lot. You could just build a little, a widget to say, Hey. I want to hear cut. Between these times.

And then. Send that data to the DaVinci API, and it can give you. The answer. So I didn't have to do query the database and try to figure out the best times I just handed DaVinci. The same exact question you see here. So it's a pretty interesting way of saying, Hey, how can this system be used to save me from writing code?

Now, some people argue that. It's math may not always be As strong as its language ability, but I think. It's going to get better. And I think that some of the things we could use it for still would work out really well. You'll see that they have a lot of options here and examples