Just keeping track of some nuances to LiveWire


The table with rows was not interating. The rows had two columns of for-each loops so as always you need keys, but I think my mistake was not making the keys different for either of them.

You can see the table below

@foreach( $imports as $import)
                <tr class="bg-emerald-200">

                    <td class="border px-8 py-4">{{ $import->id }}</td>
                    <td class="border px-8 py-4">{{ $import->name }}</td>
                    <td class="border px-8 py-4">{{ optional($import->source)->type }}</td>

                    <td class="border px-8 py-4">
                            @livewire('download-import', ['import' => $import], key('download-' . $import->id))

                            <div>no file</div>


                    <td class="border px-8 py-4">
                        @livewire("status-link", [
                        'import' => $import
                        ], key('link-' . $import->id))

The keys

key('download-' . $import->id))


key('link-' . $import->id))

Did not work when I was using key($import->id)

The table and search all just stopped :(

Anyways hope this saves the future me an hour!