I am doing some queue work and wanted beanstalkd console installed so I can see the status of the queue


Using Laravel Homestead as the vagrant box http://laravel.com/docs/homestead I needed to

And that was about it.

Download Beanstalkd Console

https://github.com/ptrofimov/beanstalk_console have it stored in the


Homestead YML file

//Homestead.yaml in root of your Homestead Vagrant install 
    - map: beanstalkd.dev
      to: /home/vagrant/Code/beanstalk_console/public

Provision the new site

With Vagrant running do

#on my local box not in vagrant
> vagrant provision

Host file

Just make sure to match to what the domain above or what ever you want

#/etc/hosts beanstalkd.dev

Then in the vagrant box make sure beanstalkd is running ideally every time you start the box. Which by default the box does this.

Finally you should be able to go to http://beanstalkd.dev:8000/ and see done

Queue Listen

#folder of project
php artisan queue:listen

Now as you put things in the queue you can see them come and go at http://beanstalkd.dev:8000/