Vagrant Setup


You can see the video here


This is a fork of Steve Power's work


The goal here is to enable you to work locally in either Windows, Mac, Linux but using behat in an environment we can offer support in. After you are done with this install you will

  1. Have a working Vagrant install with behat working
  2. A website with the Behat Editor and integrated Report system
  3. Integration with Github so you can synchronize your work via the BehatEditor GUI
  4. Ability to trigger your Desktops browser from tests running in the Vagrant VM vai the website or command line.




Download and install Virtualbox

See the help info here


Download and install Vagrant

See the help here

You just need to get it installed so the executable works. The next steps will setup the VM


Download the Git Repo to a directory you will keep it in.

We will use this repo for now

So go to the command line and type


git clone


then go into that folder


cd into that behat-vagrant directory


After you are in there type


vagrant up


And wait for about 5 minutes or so for it to build. It may ask you for a system password along the way.


Then update your host file for the new IP as seen in these docs


Linux and Mac

sudo vim /etc/hosts




For any of these your IP will be drupal.vbox.local


Once done you can visit the site http://drupal.vbox.local BUT still a few more steps.


Setting up your behat.yml file

Get your machines IP address


Then Edit your behat.yml file found in the folder you setup your Vagrant install

This file will assist you in running your local tests. Just find the file here



Then edit that file and add the lines seen here in the behat_after.yml



Set that IP to your IP and set the browser to firefox or safari or chrome as needed.


Finally run the Selenium Server on your machine (not the vagrant box)

Got to


Download and run by typing this in the folder you downloaded it to


java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.39.0.jar


Now it will run in the background.


So now you can visit the website and run a test (not in Saucelabs yet)


Go to the URL http://drupal.vbox.local

log in admin/admin

Visit http://drupal.vbox.local/admin/behat/index

Click Add and for now just click

Screenshot 2014-02-28 12.53.36.png

to fill in a default wikipedia test. Then click “Run Test” and a new window should pop up on your computer for Firefox or Safari running the test. That is it!