Still has some work to be done for sure.

The goal will be a PM site that integrates with the github api since I have endless issues with clients getting confused using the Github interface for tickets. So this system will wrap around that.

In the mean time

Projects are in place with many to many on Users

Issues are in place with a one to many on Projects, a One to One User

Comments are that have one to one relationship to Issues.

It is use the Confide auth system but right now only with an Admin role. Soon there will be Enforce, see notes below.

Road map

1. Email message to team on Project with new Issue and Comment

2. Project links to GithubRepo

3. Issue links to GithubRepo

4. Comment links to GithubComment 

5. Freshbook integration

6. Behat intergration using my Behat Editor work I did on drupal.

7. Better user managment