I've been working on behat related work for some time now and here is a list of things I would like to centralize and share

  1. Vagrant install of behat and behatEditor https://github.com/alnutile/behat-vagrant
  2. BehatEditor https://github.com/alnutile/behat_editor it will link off to serveral projects
    1. Github Integration
    2. Saucelabs Integration
    3. Angular Reporting tool
  3. Google doc that goes over how to get started
  4. There is a new version of the tool coming out soon and a service you can see that starts of it here http://angular.behateditor.io/#/
  5. Some links on the blog here http://www.alfrednutile.info/tags/behat
  6. Some youtube videos are linked in all the above docs for setting up, testing etc.