** UPDATED November 22 2017 **

The service Laravel Shift is a great way to save a ton of time and keep your Laravel application up to date.

But sometimes you may not be allowed to share access to your company Github account for this process since it is hard to limit access at the repo level.

In this case I have a quick way to get your work done and back into the company repo IF that is okay with your boss.

Here are the steps:

Make a new branch since this is a huge update

Then make a repo on your account the is PRIVATE

Then in the same folder of the exiting repository type :

git remote add shift git@github.com:alnutile/planner.git

The tricky part here is that if there are private dependencies.

There is no easy answer, yes since this is a branch you could:

  1. remove those dependencies from composer and config/app.php

  2. then run composer install again to clean out the lock file (UPDATE: just delete the composer.lock file once you know the install is working)

Then push to your repo:

git push shift 5.5

Now go to the Shift website and start the process pointing to the repo you just made. Once paid then in moments you will get a PR. Merge that in and start the process of fixing any files it noted as missing. I typically will pull this work down locally.

git pull --rebase shift 5.5

Then run your tests to make sure all is well

When done with any manual fixes and if you need to run Shift again:

git push shift 5.5

Now rinse and repeat till you are 5.5

NOTE: After each merge I tend to clean out vendor and composer.lock:

rm -rf composer.lock vendor

This just seems to be a lot faster of a process.