First Rails site for the masses for me. Thanks to Progressive Exchange I was able to volunteer for a webapp for Doctors for America So not only do I get to learn Ruby on Rails and practice but I get to build something for a good group and purpose.

This app had to allow staff to enter and manage Speaker Requests and Speakers data as well as allow the public to view a Calendar of the upcoming events, filter as needed and submit a requests.

Some of the key points for me where. 1. TDD – Still new at this but truly enjoy. Not only it is relaxing but it make refactoring code awesome. 2. Agile – Tried to keep the goals in small small units and check in with the client often to make sure things where on track and make changes easy. 3. Capistrano – coming from a drupal background where migrations and database relate changes = clicking this has been pure awesome. cap deploy = done 4. Pair programming – I was assisted by Amos King helping me to work through what to must have seems like headstart level work but he really helped me to see how to use scopes and how to better separate my Controllers and Models. 5. ActiveAdmin – though it will be fun to build my own user login area this was a quick quick way to get going. It uses formtastic to output the forms, some of which I had to customize. 6. Twitter Bootstrap – Still getting to know this one too. It really is great, I may try Foundations next but only because they both look super. 7. Rails – the obvious output. Though there are great tutorials online nothing is better then application of what you “know” cause then you realize what you don't know ( -: Which makes going back to those tutorials even better. This being my favorite so far and

Thanks to Twitter Bootstrap I get some nice Modal effects

All code on GitHub

rake stats! – next time more tests