This worked out quite easily on a project that I am working on. (not yet released)

At the command line I had to run the needed code to copy the views to my app.

Here are some commands I ran thoug this command

rake refinery:override

will show other options as well.

rake refinery:override view=refinery/_site_bar

rake refinery:override view=refinery/_content_page

rake refinery:override view=refinery/_menu

rake refinery:override view=refinery/_head

rake refinery:override view=refinery/_footer

Of course I had to install the gem in my Gemfile for the sass version of this


gem "twitter-bootstrap-rails"

and run

rails generate bootstrap:install static

After all this you should have this type of layout in your file system

Finally you need to do all the hard work to edit these files.

Here is what I ended up with.