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Laravel, Dusk and Valet

By default I set my phpunit.xml to use test as my database:

        <env name="APP_ENV" value="testing"/>
        <env name="CACHE_DRIVER" value="array"/>
        <env name="SESSION_DRIVER" value="array"/>
        <env name="MAIL_DRIVER" value="log"/>
        <env name="QUEUE_DRIVER" value="sync"/>
        <env name="DB_DATABASE" value="test"/> <-- this line here 

But with Valet and Dusk this led to the browser using my default database and not test
but the PHPUnit test itself was using test so the user I created and logged in as was not available in the browser.

I tried to set .env.dusk.local and I tried phpuni.dusk.xml none of it worked so I had to remove <env name="DB_DATABASE" value="test"/>

This is a bummer and I am sure I am missing something. What this means and my tests reset my database for my local app which ideally it would not since it is really nice to keep state.