1. Can you clearly define the roles and responsibilities you need me to fill?

  2. What would you need consider my hire a success in the next 6 months? In the next year?

  3. GitHub has a 0% employee turn over rate. How does your company try to prevent turnover?

  4. Using the past few years of your organization financial records do you have a sense of growth and constant revenue increase for this year?

  5. Is there a good amount of jobs or internal products in the hopper to make a new hire profitable?

  6. Considering a project that went well what do you think where some keys to it’s success and vice verse for a project that did not go well?

  7. What are some long term goals of the company? Growth or stay the same size? SaSS products? etc

  8. How will your company look in 10 years?

  9. Technology is always changing and new needs come and old needs go or are less profitable. What do you see to be the next “big thing” for you company to focus on?

  10. What is your Marketing Strategy? Word of mouth? Conferences? Magazine and Radio adds or? Is this a focus in your company?

  11. Some companies enable / allow time during the week for staff to further their skills, give back to the community or build better tools and workflows for the company. This can at times be called 10% time etc. Just wondering if there is anything like that in place?

  12. What are the health benefits? How much, if available, is a family health plan, dental?

  13. Is there a retirement plan in effect?

  14. Where can I read or learn about the company polices for sick days, personal time etc.

  15. What is the yearly salary growth rate?

  16. As a manager and owner how to do grow to understand your employees strengths and weaknesses?

  17. What is most important to you, for an employee to grow in their strengths or fix their weaknesses?

  18. What are some ways your company allows the employee to grow in their role(s)?