Alfred Nutile 15+ years in the tech industry. Focused on building RESTful APIs in Laravel/PHP, and building apps in AngularJS.

Resume doc version and pdf version, past work can be seen below and on portfolio page.

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“I don’t have inspiration. I only have ideas. Ideas and deadlines.”

Stan Lee

“I'm not a great programmer; I'm just a good programmer with great habits.”

Kent Beck

"...professional and very easy to work with. He ran the project right on time, thought of potential issues and enhancements, and was very patient and responsive with making adjustments to make the final product work great!"

Alice Chen MD http://www.drsforamerica.org/

"...ran the project right on time, thought of potential issues and enhancements"

Alice Chen MD http://www.drsforamerica.org/

"..very patient and responsive with making adjustments to make the final product work great!"

Alice Chen MD http://www.drsforamerica.org/

"I've known Al for many years and have tremendous respect for not just his development skills, but his ability to communicate technical issues in a non-technical fashion"

Jim Skowyra - Senior Web/Software Developer, ING Insurance

"He is among the most knowledgeable and helpful people I know."

Jim Skowyra - Senior Web/Software Developer, ING Insurance

"I've worked with Al on a number of projects over the years. Whenever I have development questions, he's one of the first people I ask."

Jim Skowyra - Senior Web/Software Developer, ING Insurance

"He has an amazing ability to quickly understand a problem then help and work out viable options"

Jim Skowyra - Senior Web/Software Developer, ING Insurance

"Alfred has helped us on multiple projects, has always founds simple solutions to complex problems, and delivered on time. I would highly recommended him!"

Chris Mollomo - Owner Puddle Jump Media http://www.puddlejumpmedia.com/

SaleForce, PHP, Laravel, Pusher, Platform Event

This shows Laravel using Pusher to show data from Salesforce PlatformEvents

Laravel Platform

Building a complex management tool for all our web applications. This will centralize our workflow including building, securing and maintaining different stacks on AWS

AWS Rekognition and Laravel

Here is a look at this simple to use api doing amazing work with the files I am giving it. You can see more at the video

Pickle a BDD/Gherkin layer on top of PHPUnit and Dusk

A library to convert a Gherkin file to PHPUnit Compatible and Dusk Compatible files. This will attempt to make an easy way to work with Dusk and PHPUnit from a Gherkin formatted file. If you are

Proof of Concept simple JS extension to generate Gherkin

Okay so ideally you are not making tests that are soooooo ui based. To learn more about why not read here

CodeShip Series on Laravel and Testing with Behat

You can find this article and more at https://blog.codeship.com/author/alfrednutile/

Laravel Recipe Book published by Packt Publishing

One of two books I have coming out this year. Here is an intro from the book The book is a blend of numerous recipes that will give you all the necessary tips you need to build an ap

PHP, Machine Learning and Laravel

Using services like Microsoft Cognitive Services and AWS Machine Learning we can begin to make a PHP Drive, like we do with Databases, Queues etc, so we can swap out, as needed, and communicate to the

Subscription site Laravel and Stripe

Laravel makes it easy to use Stripe for Subscriptions and one off billing. Learn more about this great combination here

ENV file Deployer

This project will create a new Laravel command php artisan envdeployer:push dev to push your local .env settings to the environment marked dev in your config file. You can see a sampl

Angular and Laravel UI to make Diffs of PDFs

UI so the user can upload PDFs and quick generate diff results of the PDF pages. This is page 1 or 2.

BehatEditor and Stubbing on Behat tests

UI to add Issues to Github AND stub out tests for those issues to show passing or failing as you fix/build out the task related to the issue

Angular Laravel PDF Diff UI

Laravel/Angular interface to help see the difference between two sets of PDF files. Logs of background libraries in place here, imagemagick, angular-flow for super easy file upload and pd

BehatEditor v2 coming along...

BehatEditor v2 is a Laravel/Angular interface into Behat / BDD test writing and reporting. With the help of the the library

Rails Saas product

Rails based saas product, includes working with a Soap API :(

Angular, Laravel CMS

Working on a full Saas solution for a client with Laravel, Angular and behat to make sure it stays working.

My Blog

Ported from Rails (Rails is awesome too)

BehatEditor based in Angular.js

Should be out soon. Github repo it here The demo is

Screenshot Diff tool to do page regression testing (POC)

This is a really cool tool to compare sites using a unix diff tool and screenshots provide by Phantom js. The tool can output the diff value so you could even set thresholds to what would cause a f

Behat Editor Interface

Graphical interface to making behat tests and storing reports. This is built in Drupal (soon a Laravel fork) and will allow a user to build tests in a GUI (graphical) editor. You can see